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Here at Ling & Sons Ltd, we have a wide range of services to suit the needs and budgets of any domestic or commercial property owner in Woldingham. When it comes to property extensions, property refurbishments and home renovations, our builders produce unrivalled results. Having been in constant business since 1969, and with personnel sharing more than 100 years of trade experience, we recognise that our services, and the associated terminology, can sometimes become confusing. So, if you’re a Woldingham property owner looking into the possibilities for a house extension, or you own a listed building that needs preserving, we’ve outlined our most popular services below for the utmost clarity.



The builders at Ling & Sons Ltd provide both domestic house extensions and commercial property extensions in the Woldingham area. In both cases, property extensions involve adding square footage to the existing building structure. This can be for a number of reasons. For a domestic house extension, the motivation remains increasing the living area to solve space and/or storage issues without the hassle and cost of moving. For some, a house extension also represents a long-term investment if moving is a likely option in the future.


Commercial property extensions follow much the same principal. If a successful business has outgrown its current premises, property extensions help take the company to the next level. Well-planned and designed property extensions can help increase capacity and stock capabilities, as well as increasing customer traffic.


House extensions and commercial property extensions that our builders construct in Woldingham fully comply with current UK Building Regulations.



As the ideal way to breathe new life into a home, retail unit or office space, property refurbishments remain one of the most popular services provided by our builders. Coming in a range of forms, from small scale jobs such as painting and decorating to large scale projects like upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, property refurbishments tend to be localised to a single area or room.


There continues to be some confusion as to what separates property refurbishments from renovations. It’s important for Woldingham clients to understand that property refurbishments consist of improving an aged or outdated room through cleaning, decoration and re-equipping.


As such, the property refurbishments performed by our builders usually have a far smaller budget than renovations, and take on more of a gradual process toward a building’s development.


For more information on the property refurbishments our builders can undertake at your Woldingham property, please contact us.



When it comes to home renovations, or renovations of a commercial property, in Woldingham, the emphasis remains on improving the vast majority of, if not the entire structure of a dated or damaged building. This is the main difference between home renovations and property refurbishments – the former takes in the entirety of the building, improving and modernising dated or defective features to make them fit for modern use.


From the foundations to the electrical systems, the home renovations undertaken by our builders often take the form of constructing a new building within the shell of an old one. This form of development is becoming increasingly popular as it preserves traditional architecture while allowing for the benefits of modern technology, but it also provides companies with unique and interesting places in which to do business.


As part of our home renovations, we provide specialist services to help protect and preserve listed buildings in the Woldingham area.

If you’re interested in home renovations, house extensions or property refurbishments in Woldingham, speak to one of our builders on 01959 577586.

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