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Since our establishment in 1969, Ling & Sons Ltd has seen time and again the benefits of investing in building work such as property extensions, property refurbishments and home renovations. With a team of builders sharing more than 100 years of trade and industry experience, we provide property owners in Sevenoaks with new builds, house extensions, listed building services and any kind of building work in full compliance with UK Building Regulations. The safe, meticulously planned work we produce not only creates instant kerb appeal, but also increases property value for any future sale.


While we recognise a percentage of our clients utilise our services to avoid moving, it’s always reassuring to know that a stable investment is in place while also providing immediate benefits too.


For property owners in Sevenoaks considering home improvement work, we’ve outlined some of the ways that our builders help increase home values across the region below.


1. Property refurbishments work wonders for any kind of property owner. From a family home to the landlord of a rental property, breathing new life into a house or flat remains a cost-effective way to rekindle that ‘as-new’ feel without sacrificing a sense of ‘home’.


At the smaller end of the scale, property refurbishments such as painting and decorating return rental properties in Sevenoaks to their best condition, maximising income potential from the next occupants.


Larger property refurbishments undertaken by our builders include upgrading kitchen and bathroom facilities. According to Movewithus, a new kitchen adds up to 6% to the value of a Sevenoaks property, while an improved bathroom similarly adds approximately 6% in value, according to Virgin Money.


While property refurbishments may be on the smaller, incremental side of home improvements, it’s impossible to deny their value as an investment.



Moving up the scale of property improvements, home renovations, or commercial property renovations, carried out by our builders have a much broader scope. Unlike the focused approach of property refurbishments, home renovations improve entire Sevenoaks properties or, at the very least, consists of corrective work on vital structural elements such as the foundations as well as electrical and plumbing systems.


The larger scale naturally requires a bigger budget, so our builders recommend undertaking required home renovations before desired ones. Aside from structural, electrical and plumbing issues, common home renovations in Sevenoaks include the fixing of heating systems, roofing materials and the improving energy-efficiency features.


When performed by experienced, qualified builders, home renovations provide Sevenoaks property owners with the potential for a substantial return on their investment.



In our position as locally-trusted builders in the Sevenoaks area, Ling & Sons Ltd carries out house extensions and commercial property extensions that never fail to impress. Our team of builders liaise with architects and clients regularly throughout the process, ensuring that the house extension or commercial property extensions we construct meet expectations as well as complying with UK Building Regulations.


Put simply, the motivation behind a house extension or commercial property extensions is the addition of square-footage to an existing structure. In the majority of cases, such improvement work is carried out to meet a short-term requirement like resolving space and storage issues. Whether for a growing family or a successful business, house extensions and commercial property extensions offer an immediate benefit.


While it’s impossible to put an exact figure on the value that property extensions add, there’s little doubting their worthiness as an investment. In a study performed by Nationwide, an average 3-bedroom home with a house extension that included a double bedroom and en-suite facilities could see an increase of up to 23% in value.


In addition, property extensions including an extra bathroom and a standalone double bedroom could add approximately 6% and 12% in value respectively.


To see what our previous clients in Sevenoaks have said about our services, from property refurbishments to home renovations, please visit the testimonials page.

For more information on the property refurbishments, home renovations and house extensions carried out by our builders in Sevenoaks, call 01959 577586.

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